The Delegation of Taiwan high-level Universities Teachers and Mainland China Cultural Education Visit Nankai

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Nankai News (Reporter Ma Chao, Photo Ren Yonghua) August 19th, the Delegation of Taiwan high-level Universities Teachers and Mainland China Cultural Education, 50 people in total, visited Nankai University; Nankai’s Vice Chancellor Zhang Ya met the guests at the Administration Building. Zhang Ya explained to the guests the process of development of Nankai’s departments, Nankai’s academic layout, the characteristics of the university, the educational achievements, the construction of the new campus and the progress of relocation. He said that at the moment the construction of Jinan Campus is Nankai’s most important matter, it is not only about the expansion of the physical space and the adjustment of the academic design, what is important is to surpass barriers, implement the historical possibilities of comprehensive revolution and establish the basis for the development of the future 100 years. Zhang Ya explained that Nankai University will focus on cultivating great intentions and students with remarkable capabilities, will progress rapidly and continuously, in hopes that the future will bring cooperation exchanges with Taiwan high-level Universities.

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