NOEMA Business School and International Universities Innovation Alliance visited Nankai

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Nankai News (Reporters Ma Chao and Wu Junhui, Photo Ren Yonghua) July 20th to 24th, the Rector of French NOEMA Business School Frank Bostyn and the Founder and Vice Director of the International Universities Innovation Alliance Shen Dai visited Nankai University. The Chancellor Xue Jinwen, and the President Gong Ke separately welcomed the guests. The people in charge of the Office for International Academic Exchanges and TEDA College also took part. The team of “NOEMA Business School cooperative project” led by Bostyn and Nankai team met in TEDA College and disccussed about the  project.

From 20th to 24th, the people in charge of the joint project were at TEDA College to outline courses, arrange teaching, recruit and promote, select admissions, and take care of the students; the details will be communicated in the future.  

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