Nankai University delegation visited Rome 3 University

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Nankai News (correspondent Zhang Ning) July 2nd morning (local time), Nankai University’s Chancellor Xue Jinwen lead a delegation to go and visit Rome 3 University in order to meet the Rector of the University Prof. Mario Panizza and Vice Rector of Education Francesca Cantu. The people in charge of the School of Literature, the College of Foreign Languages, the College of Life Sciences, and the Office for International Academic Exchanges accompanied him.

Xue Jinwen and Panizza signed a cooperation agreement between the two universities, signed a new student exchange agreement, exchanged points of view in areas of common interest and reached a preliminary consensus: to develop student exchanges on existing basis, to expand the student exchange size to 24 per year; the encouragement of teacher exchanges: the two sides will exchange teachers in order to strengthen teachers cooperation in research and co-organize international seminars; the setting up of web-based courses: Nankai will send students and teachers to Rome 3 and open an on-line Italian language course; the strengthening of Chinese Training: Nankai will take advantage of their Chinese language teaching program in order to assist Rome 3’s students in improving their Chinese level, better understanding Chinese culture and training high-level Chinese talents.


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