The Inauguration of Nankai University's Jialing Academy

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The Inauguration of Nankai University’s Jialing Academy

Nankai University built a “small building” that attracted everyone. Professor Yeh Chia-ying also came, adding a little bit of poetic to Nankai University’s Campus. October 17th, during the celebrations for Nankai University’s 96th anniversary of the founding, the new Jialing Academy has been inauguarated by the famous academic Yeh Chia-ying.

Jialing Academy, whose name has been chosen by Professor Yeh, is a courtyard-style Chinese Academy located in Nankai University’s Balitai Campus. The area of the whole Academy measures approximately 550 square meters. Jialing Academy is a place that will link teaching, research and library, and will also be a place where to store the historical data brought by Professor Yeh Chia-ying from abroad for researchers to use.

Jialing Academy’s building construction was supported by the national and international community. Professor Yeh Chia-ying teaches at Fu Jen Catholic University which used to be located in Beijing Prince Gong's Mansion; inside the Mansion there are many Begonias, flower that Professor Yeh really likes. Previously, before Jialing Academy was completed, Prince Gong's Mansion specially sent two Begonias, that have been transplanted inside the Building.

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