Nankai University's Alumni sent Capitals for Alma Mater's 96th Anniversary of the Founding

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Nankai University's Alumni sent Capitals for Alma Mater's 96th Anniversary of the Founding

ctober 17thwas a day the people of Nankai University’s will remember forever: it has been Nankai University’s 96th anniversary of the founding. Mr. LI Zhantong, one of the Alumni of 1987’s class from the School of Government and now Chairmen of Datong Group, together with Datong Group donated to the Alma Mater 12 million RMB to finance the construction of the Student Center of Nankai University’s Jinnan Campus. Until now, this is the largest donation that Nankai University received to the construction of the new campus. Nankai University’s Chancellor XUE Jinwen, who is also Chairman of Nankai University Alumni Association and Director of the Foundation, attended the Donation Ceremony that was hosted by Vice President SUN Guangping.  

In 1987, Mr. LI Zhantong graduated from Nankai University’s School of Government and in 1992 he became Datong Group’s Chairmen and General Manager. After 20 years of efforts, LI Zhantong’s Datong Group has become a private group with practical modern enterprise development and high-tech as main pillars. Datong Group is very active in welfare activities. It assumes social responsibilities, over the years it donated funds and materials for over one billion RMB. LI Zhantong has deep feeling for his Alma Mater and educational facilities, in 2002 Datong Group donated 500.000 RMB to Nankai University in order to establish “Nankai University Datong Group Scholarship”. In the last 10 years, he donated more than 4 million RMB to Nankai University. In addition to the funds, LI Zhantong is also the Vice Director of Nankai University Tianjin Alumni Association: he positively helps Nankai University in cultivating talents, building the campus’ culture and making suggestions for the development of Nankai University’s projects.   

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