Nankai University's Yunnan Alumni Woods Unveiling Ceremony

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Nankai University's Yunnan Alumni Woods Unveiling Ceremony

October 17th, Nankai University’s Yunnan Alumni Woods Unveiling Ceremony was held at Jinnan Campus’s National Southwest Associated University Memorial Park. President GONG Ke, Vice Chancellor ZHANG Ya, the President of Nankai University Yunnan Alumni Association ZHAO Tiguang and the Chairman of Nankai University Tianjin Alumni Association ZHAN Xianhua also attended the unveiling ceremony.  

During the ceremony, President GONG Ke, ZHAO Tiguang and the students and teachers of Nankai University jointly removed the cloth. GONG Ke gave to Zhao Tiguang a book entitled“ Nankai University during the War”, in the book are recorded the historical relationship between Nankai University and Yunnan Province.

October 17th, 2015 has been Nankai University’s 96th anniversary of the founding, and it has been also the 1st anniversary of Nankai University’s Jinnan Campus. Jinnan Campus is Nankai University’s structural base for the future, and it is an important opportunity to continue the all-around development of the University.  

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