Nankai University Leaders Congratulate Mr.Yang Jingnian's 107th Birthday

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28 November is Mr.Yang Jingnian's 107th birthday. Xue Jinwen, secretary of the party committee and Zhang Ya, deputy secretary of the party committee of Nankai University, visited Mr.Yang to congratulate him on his birthday. Xue Jinwen said Happy Birthday to Mr.Yang on behalf of Nankai University. Having learned that Mr.Yang never stops reading books, Xue Jinwen said that Mr.Yang set a good example for young people. Mr.Xue told him to have a good rest and keep warm, and wished him happy and healthy every day. Yang Jingnian appreciated the kindness from Nankai. Mr.Yang is now in good health with a clear mind. He keeps the habit of reading every day and often recites Chinese poetry and prose.

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