Nankai University was Awarded “Prominent Chinese University Cooperating with Confucius Institutes” Again

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On 6 December, the Tenth Confucius Institute Conference was opened in Shanghai Expo Conference Centre. Liu Yandong, Chinese Vice Premier and Chairman of Hanban (headquarters of Confucius Institutes) Council, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a keynote speech. The Conference was hosted by Yuan Guiren, the director of the Ministry of Education. Present were about 2,300 Chinese and foreign representatives from 500 Confucius Institutes and 1,000 Confucius Classes of 134 countries/ regions all over the world. Xue Jinwen, secretary of party committee of NankaiUniversity and chancellor of Chinese Language Council International attended the opening ceremony and was given “Award for Prominent Chinese UniversityCooperating with Confucius Institutes” as the representative of NankaiUniversity. In addition, Confucius Institute of Jeju Halla University of Korea, co-built with NankaiUniversity, was awarded the title of “Prominent Confucius Institute”. Vice President Guan Naijia and officials of Office of Confucius Institutes also participated in the Conference.

   On 7 December, Xue Jinwen hosted the eighth President Forum of the Confucius Institute Conference. During the forum, he met with President Bostyn and Vice President Davesne of NEOMABusinessSchool and Vice President Kovacevic of University  of Belgrade. They exchanged the ideas of comprehensive interscholastic cooperation.

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