Teachers and Students Held Swearing and Signature Collecting Ceremony to Mark the 80th Anniversary of the December 9th Movement

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On 8 December, in order to mark the 80th anniversary of December 9th movement, more than 300 teachers and students gathered at student activity center of Balitai campus, swearing to inherit the patriotic spirit, remember the history and revitalize the Chinese nation, and signing their names on the scroll with the slogan of “passing on the torch at life’s full flowering”. Yang Kexin, the Vice President and deputy secretary of NankaiUniversitypassed the flag on to the standard-bearer, and the torch to the torch bearer. It is the 20th year that the December 9th movement has been held in NankaiUniversity. Besides the swearing and signature collecting ceremony, other activities were held like December 9th memorial hall visit, patriotic drama performance, patriotic movie show and Chinese speech contest.

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