Brownbag seminar in School of Finance gives countenance to the public charity named "Warm 6 sandwich"

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On 15 December 2015, The ninth brownbag seminar in School of Finance was successfully held during the lunch time in Room 204. Dr. Hong Li, assistant professor in School of Finance presented his latest work Managing Longevity Risk. Different from usual, the brownbag seminar in association with the public charity named Warm 6 sandwich, support both poor family with autism and students' entrepreneurship in Nankai University.

Dr Li is an assistant professor in School of Finance. He obtained his Ph.D. from Tilburg University in 2015. His research mainly focuses on risk management, actuarial science, asset pricing and financial engineering. During the seminar, Dr. Li has introduced in detailed about the measurement of longevity risk and the risk management method. The seminar was well-received and attended by more than 70 researchers and students from different faculties and department across School of Finance.

The brown bag seminar is a regular session organized by the School of Finance during a lunch break, which is offered to update the researching community about ongoing research for researchers and students. The brown bag seminar in School of Finance will cooperate with more public welfare projects to support the public service and students’ undertaking enterprise in Nankai University.

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