• Team of Nankai University Made Important Progress in the Study of Super-resolution Imaging of Cells’ Intermediate Filament Skeleton


    The cytoskeleton mainly includes microtubules, microfilaments and intermediate fibers. The cytoskeleton, the intracellular genetic system and the biofilm system are named the three systems in the cell, which ensure the order of the internal structure and the function of the cell. Recently, a research team led by the Associate Professor Leiting Pan and the Professor Jingjun Xu from the College of Physics of Nankai University along with the research team led by Prof. Ke Xu from the University of California, Berkeley, have made significant progress in the study of the dynamic characteristics of cellular intermediate filament skeleton based on super-resolution optical imaging technology. Relevant results were published in the form of Back Cover papers in the internationally renowned comprehensive academic journal Advanced Science (IF: 15.804) with the title of Hypotonic stress induces fast, reversible degradation of the vimentin cytoskeleton via intracellular calcium releaseThe first author of the article is the Associate Professor Leiting Pan, with the Professor Ke Xu from the University of California being the corresponding author. The first author affiliation is Nankai University. The work was funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Tianjin Natural Science Foundation, the 111 Program, the Chang Jiang Scholars, the Innovation Team Development Program and some other programs.

    url: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/advs.201900865 

    Source: Nankai News

    Written by Pan Leiting

    Edited by Nankai Translation Center and David