• Latest Result of a Scientific Research Participated with Nankai University’s Team on Quantum Interference in Perovskite Quantum Dot Junctions Published on the Journal “Nature”


    A scientific research on quantum interference in perovskite quantum dot junctions made new progress with the cooperation of the team of Vice Prof. Yuelong Li (Institute of Photoelectronic Thin Film Devices and Technology, Key Laboratory of Optical Information Science and Technology of Ministry of Education, Nankai University), the team of Prof. Wenjing Hong (Xiamen University) and the team of Prof. Colin Lambert (Lancaster University, UK). The paper of the result, “Room-Temperature Quantum Interference in Perovskite Quantum Dot Junctions”, were published on the international famous journal “Nature”. The paper’s first authors are Chenguang Xin (Nankai University’s master student), Haining Zheng (Xiamen University’s master student), and Songjun Hou (Lancaster University’s doctoral student). Nankai University is one of the communication units.

    Quantum interference phenomenon of single perovskite quantum dot junction and its charge transport

    The efficiency of the structured hybrid perovskite solar cell exceeded 25% in just 7 years. As the research goes deeper, there are still huge technical challenges on how to characterize and study the charge transport of perovskite materials at the Ångstrom scale and even at the level of a single cell. Targeting at the problem, the research team designed and synthesized perovskite quantum dots of different sizes and compositions. The team performed in-situ characterization of the perovskite quantum dots, and for the first time obtained the electrical signal differences between different connection sites with a single cell unit distance of only 0.5 nanometers and also observed a distinct conductance ‘jump’. The study first observed the quantum interference effect of charge transport in hybrid metal halide perovskite materials. This research work provides a new idea for the future preparation of new perovskite devices based on quantum interference effects.

     Link to the paper: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-019-13389-7

    (Translated by YuchenShi, Edited by Davide Francolino and JianjingYun)