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    Hou Zixin

    Born in 1941 in Shanghai, Hou Zixin, a distinguished mathematician, served as President of Nankai Universtiy from August 1995 to May 2006.

    After receiving a master's degree (in mathematics) from Nankai Universtiy in 1967, Hou Zixin successively held the posts of Dean of the Mathematics Department, Assistant to the President of Nankai University, Vice President, Dean of the Graduate School and President of Nankai Universtiy. Previously, he had been elected as Deputy Director of the Chinese Mathematical Society, Vice President of the China Senior Professors Association, Deputy to the ninth and tenth National People's Congresses, and member of the standing committee of the fourteenth National People's Congress of Tianjin. At present, the positions he holds include: Chief of the China Center for Mathematical Studies and Higher Talent Training in Universities and Colleges, Vice Director of the China Creative Studies Institute, Vice Director of the Tianjin Education Development Foundation, President of the Nankai Alumni Association, and Consultant of Hainan University.