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  • High throughput and high sensitivity pathology slide scanner


    The microscopic analysis of stained tissue slides is the gold standard of cancer diagnosis in pathology. A new visualization concept, namely digital pathology medical, is being widely accepted. Meanwhile, a new application area, namely virtual microscopy, has formed. However, there is still a gap between the user needs and the performance of the digital pathology scanner products available on the market. So it is difficult for these products to replace the existing technology on a large scale. Here we propose a novel instrument research project based on a new principle called Fourier ptychographic microscopy (FPM), together with many key technologies, such as aperture optimization and parallel algorithms. It is worth noting that our new project breaks the resolution limitation of the traditional imaging theory and the resolution of the same lens can be increased several times to more than ten times. In addition, high throughput and high efficiency will be achieved through simultaneously sampling in spatial and frequency domain. With the contradiction between wide field and high resolution solved, the instrument performance could be comprehensively improved. Compared with the products on the current market, the overall performance of the new instrument will be improved by more than 5 times. Through the research project, we expect to get new high-end microscopy imaging technology and product with independent intellectual property rights and the ability to occupy the domestic and foreign markets.