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  • Novel flexible metal-organic frameworks: Construction, dynamic behavior and properties modulation


    In recent years, metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) have become one of the active and cutting-edge fields of chemistry and material science. During the past decades, the investigation in this field has primarily focused on the rigid MOFs, while the study of flexible MOFs is still rare, leaving many scientific issues to be resolved, such as the function-oriented construction of flexible MOFs; the dynamic structure of flexible frameworks as well as the characterization of their dynamic behaviors; and the intrinsic relationship between the dynamic structures and resulting properties of this class of materials. Focusing on these scientific issues and oriented by the aim of achieving effective material storage and dynamic separation, this project will proceed with the reasonable design and construction of flexible MOFs, along with the exploration of their fundamental assembly rules. Through establishing and improving the characterization methods for the dynamic structures and behaviors of such flexible MOFs, this project will then discover the mechanism of their dynamic behaviors and unravel the nature of the resulting unique properties as well as the implicit regularity, followed by further investigation of their material storage and separation functions to reveal the intrinsic structure-property relationship. On this basis, this project eventually aims to explore the functional optimization and practicalization of this class of flexible MOF materials. Finally, we hope to promote and lead the development of this field through the execution of this project together with the resolution of related scientific problems.