• Multi-Cloud Security Storage System based on Mobile Terminals


    With the rapid development of mobile Internet and the popularity of smart phone, user behavior has gradually shifted from PC terminals to mobile terminals. The large buck of data from smart phones - contact and photo backup have been “exposed”in Could, so the security cannot be neglected.

    Therefore, in the project “Knowledge and Practice in Nankai University” cultural and scientific innovation group NBJL focuses on the security risks, and put forward a complete set of solutions. The work “Multi-Cloud Security Storage System based on Mobile Terminals ” first encrypts the data, and then chips and encodes it, finally allocates it to different could security storage, to ensure the reliability, privacy and completeness, and avoid vendors lock-in.

    The work has been realized in android platform. Two relevant papers have been published and awarded the second prize in the 1st Innovation Competition of Could Computing Application in University and College. Research achievements have won widespread recognition.