• NKU Schedule Book - Cultural and creative work competition Project -


    NKU schedule book is divided into the following parts. Monthly plan (related to school calendar, solar terms, and months); weekly plan (related to sayings of renowned alumni, lunar calendar, activities in this week and life tips); introduction of NKU culture (school history, campus scenery, local cuisine, university life, organizations, public accounts, and some other city introduction about Tianjin); NKU illustration and end page (campus map, map of southwest village, Tianjin traffic map and other useful information). This schedule book is user-friendly, providing a brief and yet deep look into NKU school culture. There are 3 steps carried out by students from the school of Japanese and the school of art to edit and design this schedule book, including material collecting & proof, layout design & composing, and illustrating. As for material collecting, latest information, with strict proof, are utilized as much as possible. Also, designers and editors have discussed and modified the layout again and again. The NKU schedule book is going to be published recently. We hope our work can be appreciated by our dear fellow students.