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  • Innovation Practice Platform for Undergraduates—Innovation Research Project for Undergraduates


    Nankai University is one of the earliest universities carrying out undergraduate innovation practice. In 2002, the university established a platform named “Innovative Research Project for Undergraduate Students of Nankai University” which is also known as “100 projects”. Moreover, it was selected into the “National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practice Program for Undergraduates” in 2007. In 2014, Tianjin Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practice Program began. With the exploration and construction of more than 10 years, an open education system for undergraduate innovation and entrepreneurship featuring one center, two systems, three levels, four platforms and multiple modules took shape, and the project-oriented Innovative Research Project for Undergraduate Students of Nankai University began.

    The purpose of the project is to establish a teaching model with problems and topics as the core, with an aim to mobilize students' initiative and creativity for learning. It also advocates the undergraduate teaching reform with the theme of innovation education in order to stimulate students' innovative thinking and consciousness. Besides, the project popularizes a teaching method of research-based learning and individualized cultivation, which cultivates students’ abilities of discovering, researching and solving problems, hence an atmosphere of innovative education and an innovative culture on campus. As a result, it will promote the reform of education and teaching, and improve the quality of personnel training.

    Over the past years, the annual number of undergraduate innovative research projects has grown from 77 to more than 600, and that of students participating in the project, from 308 to more than 2,600. The funding has exceeded 4.8 million yuan. Many research results of the project have won awards in various national college students' innovation and entrepreneurship competitions, and some papers have been published in top international journals. A large number of students have shown their innovation and entrepreneurship potential through the project. By fully mobilizing the initiatives of students and teachers, the project is widely acclaimed.