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    a. Postgraduate Service Team of Nankai University

    Nankai University endeavors to build up all kinds of platforms for postgraduates to serve society with their expertise, which mainly includes 4 parts, namely, establishing relationship with Jiangsu provincial party committee organization department as well as districts and counties of Tianjin to offer outstanding doctoral students chances of field practice at grass-roots level, cooperating with Jinnan government to conduct a project of hundred doctors performing as village officers, collaborating with science and technology commission of Nankai district over a long term for selecting doctoral candidates regularly for Youth Doctor Service of Nankai district and organizing Postgraduate Social Practice Team every summer to let members go to places across the country to involve themselves in social activities and volunteer service.

    b. Postgraduate Teaching Assistance Team of Nankai University

    In 1999 Nankai University responded to the call of Ministry of Education and the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and pioneered in organizing postgraduate teaching assistance group among universities and colleges, and recruiting volunteer teachers to Gansu and Shanxi province. Ever since 2003, a solid teaching assistance relationship has been established between Nankai University with the Second Senior High School of Altay region in Xinjiang and as many as 11 batches elite graduates totaling 129 have been dispatched in this school. Devoted in work and excelled in knowledge, the graduate teaching assistance group has been highly praised by the local officials and residents, news media, teaching faculties and students of the Second Senior High School with the honorable title “ A Good Model of Nankai University in Altay”.