• Campus Life
  • Cultural Quality Improvement Project


    a. “Scholarly Mentors and Helpful Friends” Election Activity

    “Scholarly Mentors and helpful friends” Election Activities have been held regularly in Nankai University. The most recognized and influential excellent model teacher is nominated by students, and then voted out through Internet. The election has been held for 6 times, which has established a great number of model teachers. For it promotes the communication between students and teachers, and the cultivation of good character of respecting teachers and their teachings, the election activity enjoys a high popularity.

    b. “Science and Nankai University” Theme Forum

    “Science and Nankai University” Theme Forum is a high-end academic forum for all postgraduates in Nankai University. To improve the scientific literacy of postgraduates and act on the concept that science contributes to the dedication and capability, the influential academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering and Chang Jiang scholars have been regularly invited as keynote speakers to spread disseminate scientific knowledge, promote scientific approaches, spread scientific thought and uphold scientific spirit with the lecture as the form accompanied with question and answer section and discussion. It directs postgraduates to focus on the academic front, inspired their interest in research, widens their horizen and cultivate their innovative capability.

    c. Appointment with Mentors—Communication between Postgraduates and Teachers in Afternoon-tea time

    The program of “Appointment with Advisers—Communication between Postgraduates and Teachers in Afternoon-tea time” is aimed at creating a good academic atmosphere, to promote the construction of academic culture and to set up a platform for communication and interaction between postgraduates and their advisers. The program is featured with richness in form, including scientific research methods teaching from advisers, good books recommending life experience sharing, as well as various academic saloons with subjects focusing on hot issues in the society and academic front around the world. All of these provide a splendid academic and cultural feast for postgraduates. “Appointment with Mentors” offers a good opportunity for postgraduates to appreciate their advisers’ academic achievements; meanwhile it creates a new trend of communication and exchange between teachers and students.

    d. Academic Weekend for Postgraduates

    To enrich the postgraduates’ extracurricular academic life, and create a strong campus culture, Nankai University has initiated the “Graduate Academic weekend” program, with activities held regularly on each Friday in the form of keynote presentations, academic salons, etc. With the theme of to Inherit, to Innovate, to Lead”, reports, academic celebrities, salons to discuss academic frontier by various activities of diverse forms have been a part of students’ weekend life. A special website (URL : http:://lecture.nankai.edu.cn) has been built as a platform for activities consultancy and lectures tickets booking. Modes of pictures, video, script are adopted for notice of academic activities, and for recording, and showcasing the highlights on campus, thus providing students with the latest development in the campus culture and shared various academic report resources in a timely and all-round manner. Meanwhile, reports tickets can be booked online, and students can log in by their student number and the last identity numbers to get the electronic tickets.

    e. Approaching Famous Chinese Journals

    “Approaching Famous Chinese Journals” is a series of activities that invite nationally well-known journal editors to introduce the academic front, theoretical developments and hot issues for the journals in Nankai University. Moreover, through these activities, postgraduates can gain more skills in academic writing and contribution, which will give postgraduates direct instructions on academic research and encourage them to publish academic papers of high quality. Since the activity was launched, over 40 well-known journal editors has been invited to Nankai University, including Zhang Yaoming, editor of “Xinhua Digest”, Zhao Jianying, deputy editor of “China Social Science”, Chen Zhong, editor of “South Wind”, and Wang Lisheng, executive editor of “Graduates of China”.

    f. Sports for Postgraduates

    To promote the concept that living a healthy life will lead to better scientific research, each college of Nankai University organizes sports activities regularly in spring and autumn, ranging from table tennis, badminton, basketball, track and field, rope skipping and other fun games. The competitors cover postgraduates, doctoral candidates, graduates’ instructors and administrative staff. The ultimate goal is to strength the postgraduates’ physique and willpower, to promote communication between teachers and students, thus creating a good cultural atmosphere on campus, and enhancing postgraduates’ comprehensive ability.