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  • Nankai University-Certified General Accountants Association of Canada Joint Education Program for Bachelor of International Accounting


    Address: No. 94, Weijin Road, Nankai District, Tianjin

    Chinese and Foreign Cooperators:

    Chinese side: Nankai University

    Foreign Side: Certified General Accountants Association of Canada

    Program Approval Number: MOE12CA2A20010199O

    Level and Category: joint education program with CGA for Bachelor’s Degree

    Major: International Accounting


    Chinese side: Management Information System, Chinese Accounting System, Accounting Lectures, Accounting System Design, Tax Accounting, Accounting Laws and Regulations, Computer Accounting

    Sino-foreign Cooperation: Accounting(FA1), Financial Accounting (I) (FA2), Financial Accounting () (FA3), Cost Accounting (MA1), Management Accounting (MA2), Auditing (AU1), Financial Management (FN1), Advanced Financial Accounting (FA4), Accounting Theory (AT1)

    Period: 4 years

    Way of Enrollment: included in national unified enrollment plan

    Enrollment Scale: 60 persons/year

    Certificate: bachelor's degree from Nankai University

    Letter of Approval from the Ministry of Education:


    Introduction to the CGA-Canada

    CGA Today

    Certified General Accountants Association of Canada (CGA-Canada) is a self-regulatory professional association representing more than 68,000 members and students.

    The members and trainees of CGA-Canada provide professional advice on accounting and financial management for all walks of life in Canada, Bermuda and the Caribbean countries, China and Hong Kong, China. They work in industry, business, finance, government, accounting and other industries around the world, and are recognized for their talents.


    Safeguarding the interests of the public and members of the association; formulating standards for practice, service and industry


    CGA-Canada was founded in 1908 in Montreal, Canada. On April 14, 1913, the Canadian parliament passed an act to charter CGA-Canada as a professional association for self-regulation. In 1999, the Canadian parliament amended the original act, redefining the rights and objectives of CGA-Canada and setting the French name of it.

    Governance Structures and Roles

    Certified General Accountants Association of Canada (CGA-Canada) is led by a board of directors consisting of provincial and regional associations in Canada and a number of international members.

    The association ensures domestic awareness of industry and policy issues related to the industry

    Enhancing the value of CGA and representing its members internationally

    Establishing the educational standards to maintain and improve the competitiveness of CGA in international professional training

    Providing services to CGA affiliates and members

    Contributing to the knowledge base of the industry by researching and participating in the activities of international accounting organizations, especially the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC)

    By sharing its research findings and perspectives, CGA-Canada has contributed to the establishment of national and international accounting standards. It also represents its members in the field of public policy.

    As an independently managing group, CGA-Canada has also established industry standards through ethical codes and codes of conduct for its members. The rules and guidelines protect the public interests and ensure a high ethical standard of CGA members.

    Education and Professional Development

    CGA's competency-based education program has long been recognized as a leader in distance learning. Innovative information technology is not only used in teaching methods, but also integrated into the curriculum system itself. Similarly, professional ethics runs through the syllabus. The Degree Program with Laurentian University and Southern Alberta Institute of Technology offers students the opportunity to earn a degree that meets the CGA mandatory degree requirements.

    Mandatory follow-up education ensures the professional skills of CGA members. CGA-Canada offers its members development opportunities in certification services, ethics, accounting, auditing standards, business assessment, tax planning, etc. The collaborative development of Professional development network(PD Net) and CGA provincial associations is a powerful online information resource for members.