• Nankai University’s Foreign Students Experience Chinese Traditional Culture


    Recently, Nankai University’s foreign students were invited to the activity “2019 Chinese Traditional Cultural Experience” at the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts. For the activity, the students joined in two classes: the “Traditional Handmade Leaf Dyeing” and the “Traditional Chinese Painting Techniques”.

    The class of “Traditional Handmade Leaf Dyeing” was about random dyeing with a white hat. In the class, to let students have a basic understanding of the random dyeing, the teacher taught the definition and the tradition of random dyeing by showing the traditional Dali dyeing. Following the teacher’s instruction, the students creatively dyed the hats and left with their unique hats after the class.

    “Traditional Chinese Painting Techniques” introduced the important role of Dunhuang as an important city of the Silk Road in Chinese history. During the class, the teacher also introduced the mural art of Dunhuang, especially the production process of some ancient painting materials. The teacher then showed the students how to hold a pen and draw lines. Under the teacher guidance, the students tried to draw lines of the figure’s hands on the mural painting of Dunhuang with Chinese brushes.

    Tang Ni, a 2018 master student majoring in International Relations from Bangladesh, shared her feelings on the activity. “I really enjoyed the activity. I spent most of the time in the campus and only had few opportunities to experience the Chinese traditional culture. This is the first time I participated at this kind of activity and I learned a lot. I love China and Chinese culture.”

    The activity is sponsored by the Office of International Exchanges of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts. Its purpose is to expand and promote cultural exchanges as well as the excellent traditional Chinese culture.

    (Translated by YuchenShi, Edited by Davide Francolino and JianjingYun)