• Nankai University Consoled the International Students remained in Tianjin


    I am really moved to receive the gifts. Thank you, dear teachers! Obina, a Nigerian student studying Chinese at Nankai University, posted on her WeChat Moments pictures of the milk, eggs, apples and protective products prepared by Nankai University after her arrival at home, and expressed her thanks to the school again via WeChat. During the critical period of NCP epidemic prevention, Nankai University expressed solicitude and sympathy to the nearly 300 international students who stayed in Tianjin while strengthening campus management and exercising strict prevention and control.

    After the comprehensive investigation right the first time, the school prepared nourishment, including eggs, milk and cereal, fruits to strengthen the resistance, and protective masks for international students, considering that the prevention and control of the epidemic might bring some inconvenience to their lives. The staff of the International Academic Exchange Department and teachers of each college have turned their own cars into special consolation vans, carrying the concern of the school to those students.

    Especially for nearly 100 international students who were living off campus, teachers personally sent warmth to them. The epidemic protection instructions wrote matters needing attention and contacts of responsible teachers during the period of epidemic protection and control in both English and Chinese. According to the instruction, teachers explained the situation in detail, helping students in fully understanding the work of China's epidemic prevention and control, relevant measures of school, and specific measures on how to protect themselves. Careful preparation and explanation to a certain extent also eliminated the students' anxiety caused by the epidemic, made them learn more ways to protect themselves, and consolidated their confidence in winning the battle against the epidemic.

    The solicitated students expressed their joy, happiness, affection, and especially gratitude to the school and teachers through various channels such as WeChat Moments. Furthermore, some expressed their support for China's battle against the epidemic in their own unique ways to cheer for China. Moran, a Russian student, expressed her gratitude to the school after receiving the gift and found a long-unused frying pan. She decided to take advantage of the holiday to improve her cooking skills.

    Since the outbreak of NCP, faced with the relevant difficulties in the prevention and control of the epidemic among international students, the university has taken many measures. It closely organizes, leads and implements the principal responsibility, keeps the linkage between the university and the college, and comprehensively combs out and investigates the situation of students in China. The school implements multi-channel release of information, full coverage of contact, all-weather care and daily health report system. In addition, in combination with the network platform measures such as  No class suspension, no study suspension, the university actively carries out relevant teaching arrangements to ensure the health and safety of our international students, and their studies will not be postponed.

     (Translated by Yuchen Shi, Edited by Davide Francolino and JianjingYun)