• Representative Teams of Nankai University Achieve Great Success in CUPEC


    Recently, five teams from the School of Physics of our university participated in three categories of the sixth CUPEC (the abbreviation of Chinese Undergraduate Physics Experiment Competition). After many sections, like the primary review, the online review, the reply in the intermediary heat and so on, they won three National First Prizes, one National Second Prize and one National third Prize, which were an excellent success. This was also the first time our university wins the first prize in this competition.

    There were 410 colleges and universities and 1408 presentative teams participating in this competition. The second team of Nankai University won the first prize in the Propositional Competition; the fourth team won the first prize in the Optional Class Competition; the fifth team won the first prize in the Lecture Competition; the first team won the second prize in the Propositional Competition; the third team won the third prize in the Optional Class Competition. In addition, Nankai University won the Excellent Organization Award. Many teachers were awarded with the Outstanding Instructor of the Contest, including Hui Wangwei, Sun Haiying, Wang Jin, Zhu Jiang, Wen Xiaoqing and Zhang Chunling.

    The sixth Chinese Undergraduate Physics Experiment Competition was held in the period from October 2020 to December. It was hosted by the Association of National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Centers of Colleges and Universities, the National Institute of Experimental Physics Teaching and Physics Teaching Committee of Chinese Physical Society, was undertaken by Northeastern University and co-sponsored by Physics Experimentation. This competition was the largest Physics Experiment Competition in the country after the five former competitions were successfully held.

    (Reported by Jiang Zhu, Jin Wang, Translated by Piaopiao Wang, Edited by Davide Francolino and JianjingYun, Photos from