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  • Wanxiang Fine Organic Synthesis Joint R&D Center inaugurated at Nankai


    Some days ago, the grand opening of Nankai University-Wanxiang Fine Organic Synthesis Joint R&D Center was held in the academic lecture hall of Shixian Building of Nankai University. Li Chunnan, Chairman of Wanxiang Technology and Chen Jun, Vice President of Nankai University, inaugurated the center. Chen Jun presented Li Chunnan with a letter of appointment as a member of the chemistry development committee of Nankai University.

    In the grand opening, both parties have jointly signed an agreement, which marked the beginning of all aspects of cooperation in fostering talents, scientific research, technology applications, and so on.

    In his speech, Li Chunnan said that the integration of industries and teaching and the cooperation between universities and enterprises are the key factors to prompt the development of enterprises and are the strategic moves to achieve win-win solutions for both sides. With the inauguration of the Joint R&D Center, more comprehensive and closer cooperation will take place and it is believed that both parties will greatly benefit from the research advantages that each party has in the field of fine chemical synthesis.

    Chen Jun also pointed out Wanxiang Group’s close relationship with Nankai University, as it has been providing scholarship for students at Nankai for the past decade to support the potential talents in the field of chemistry. Both parties hope that the combination of industry-university-research would advance the pace of scientific research turning into productivity. As R&D efficiency and productivity improve, through cooperation, both parties strive to reach win-win solutions for both the industry and the university.

    The heads of the College of Chemistry and the State Key Laboratory of Elemental-Organic Chemistry addressed on the chemistry development of the College of Chemistry, the development overview of the State Key Laboratory of Elemental-Organic Chemistry and the future planning of the Joint R&D Center.

    Wanxiang Technology is occupied in the areas of R&D, production and business-running of natural flavors, food additives, synthetic perfume and other products. The products are widely used in oral care, food, cosmetics and also fodder-related industries. Specifically, Carvone, Iso E Super and Hedione are considered to be top of the global market share list. Having been involved in the flavors, fragrances and food additives industries for more than 20 years, Wanxiang Technology now is a national recognized high-tech and leading enterprise in China with scientific research centers such as national postdoctoral research station, enterprise technology center in Jiangsu province, and flavor and fragrance engineering technology center in Jiangsu province. It has production and R&D bases in Shanghai, Huai'an, Jiangsu and Shizuishan (Ningxia), etc., and possesses 56 national innovation patents and utility model patents. Moreover, Wanxiang Technology has presided over or participated in the formulation of 6 Guobiao standards, 5 professional standards and 8 European Norm.

    (Reported by Liping Qi, Translated by Meixu Wu, Edited by Davide Francolino and JianjingYun)