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  • Two New Bases of Nankai University selected as Basic Discipline of the 2.0 Base of Top-notch Students Training Program


    Recently, the ministry of education has published the list of the Basic Discipline of the 2.0 Base of Top-notch Students Training Program (2020). Training Bases for Top Students of Philosophy and Chinese Language and Literature of Nankai University have been chosen. After this, the number of bases of Nankai which have been chosen by Basic Discipline for the 2.0 Base of Top-notch Students Training Program adds up to 8.

    It is reported that the construction of Basic Discipline for the 2.0 Base of Top-notch Students Training Program is started under the background of the Six Excellence and One Top Plan 2.0 beginning, prompting the construction of New engineering, New medicine, New agricultural science and New liberal arts. It plans to select some appropriate bases from the whole country and help their construction during the years 2019-2021, aiming to construct a top-notch talent incubator for basic disciplines and a national first-class talent training highland.

    Up to the present, Nankai has 8 bases, including mathematics, physics, chemistry, biological science, economics, history, philosophy and Chinese Language and Literature.

    Since 2009, Nankai has spent ten years exploring the construction of four basic disciplines including mathematics, physics, chemistry and biological science, which is called “Top-notch Plan 1.0”. Since 2016, Nankai has extended the plan to more humanistic and social science fields like economics, history etc. With its advanced layout planning, it has accumulated many successful practices and much useful experience which are reproduceable and propagable.

    According to the principal of Boling College, Nankai will continuedly explore the personal training system whose mainline is “Dedication to public interests, Acquisition of all-round capability” and “Innovation”. With Boling College as the platform of the conduction of the Top-notch Plan 2.0, Nankai will innovate the educational model, cultivate the soil thickly to cultivate talents, deepen the reform of the “three systems” including the academy system, the tutorial system and the credit system, take the international advanced level as the standards and construct the first-class base for training top students of basic disciplines.

    (Reported by Fang Lan, Translated by Piaopiao Wang, Edited by Davide Francolino and JianjingYun)