Ge Molin

Ge Molin, a theoretical physicist, was born in Beijing on December 5, 1938. Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences; Professor; Doctoral Supervisor.

Research Directions:

He engaged in the research of theory of elementary particles and general relativity earlier. Later he concentrated on the research of integrability properties of Yang–Mills fields and its infinite dimensional algebraic structure, Yang-Baxter systems, quantum groups (including quantum algebra and Yangian) and their physical effects and applications, and new method for quantum model treatment.

Research Areas:

Physics; Mathematics; Biology;


1950-1956 Beijing No.13 High School, Student

1956-1965 Department of Physics in Lanzhou University, Undergraduate, Postgraduate

1965-1986 Assistant, Associate Professor, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor in the Department of Physics, Lanzhou University

1986-  Professor in the Institute of Mathematics of Nankai University, Doctoral Supervisor, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences



Science and Technology Progress Award of State Education Commission of the PRC in 1991 (1st prize), 1997 (1st prize) and 1989 (2nd prize);

National Teaching Achievement Award in 1997 (2nd prize);

National Natural Science Award in 1982 (3rd prize);

The Science and Technology Progress Award of the Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation in 1997;

Edward Pennington Golden Ball Award of Public Servant (1996)

Scholar’s Interest:

Commutation relation, algebraic structure, Hamiltonian, Gravitational Field, Mr. Chen-Ning Yang, integrable system, current algebra, YANGIAN, major national needs, Shiing-Shen Chern, CS, General Relativity, single-pixel, basic research, central extension, RIEMANN, coherent state, quantum tomography, computational protein structure, RECONSTRUCTED.

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