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Global Strategy
Enhancing collaborations with world-class universities is integral to our strategy. Nankai University launched the “Global Nankai” plan, which aims to build its global reputation by making its talent training, faculty, research and campus more international.
Nankai is a diverse global community of world-class academics, students, external partners, and alumni. With over 200 international partners, Nankai University has connections worldwide, actively engaging students and faculty in global mobility. Our powerful collective of individuals and institutions work together to explore new possibilities.
Global Research
NKU faculty members collaborate with scholars across the world in important, cutting-edge research. We believe that it is through global collaborations that we can drive international conversations, make discoveries and leverage our knowledge to enrich human life.
Sino-foreign Cooperation in Education
With the support of the Ministry of Education, Nankai has launched several Sino-foreign cooperative education programs with world-renowned universities and institutions, such as the University of Glasgow, Flinders University, NEOMA Business School, among others.
Nankai University-University of Glasgow Joint Graduate Program
Nankai University-NEOMA Buisness School Joint Education Program for Double Bachelor Degree in E-Commerce&International Business
Nankai University-Flinders University Joint Education Program for Master of Educational Leadership and Management
Nankai University-Flinders University Joint Education Program for Master of Arts International Relations in Economy and Trade
Nankai University-Flinders University Joint Education Program for Master of Hospital Administration
Student Exchange Programs
Studying abroad is one of the most transformative educational experiences with the potential to foster alternative perspectives, dialogue across difference, and increase capacity for empathy.

We offer opportunities such as the N+N programs, university and college-level educational exchanges, and summer and winter schools, with a range of scholarshipsavailable. We support students to find a program that not only matches the interests of their major, but also challenges them encourages personal development.

International Organizations
The university keeps in close contact with international organizations such as the World Economic Forum (Davos Forum), the Global University Leaders Forum (GULF), the International Public University Forum (IFPU), and the International Alliance of PublicUniversities.