Nankai Effective Teaching

O-AMAS Teaching Model

Rooted in Nankai University’s context, inheriting its culture and aiming to solve its problems, O-AMAS is an outcome-oriented effective teaching model developed independently by Nankai Effective Teaching (NKET) in 2017. O-AMAS effective teaching model has adopted the designing idea of OBE teaching, which includes five parts, namely designing of teaching Objective (O), rapid Activation (A), Multi-learning (M), effective Assessment (A) and brief Summary (S). Oriented by the outcomes of students’ learning and driven by the positive interaction between teachers and students, the model guides students to study actively and deeply through over 100 kinds of effective interactive activities by independent research and improvement. From several aspects such as teaching methods, teaching technology, teaching organization and management, the model has realized deep infiltration of teaching objectives, deep participation of teaching objects, rules-based teaching methods, as well as perceivable and controllable teaching effects, so as to enhance the students’ learning experience and build a classroom where students have smiles on face, light in eyes, fun in learning process and effectiveness in learning.

O-AMAS effective teaching model is clearly logical and widely applicable. Since introduced in 2017, the O-AMAS model has been gradually promoted and practiced in all types of classroom teaching for various majors in Nankai University. In 2018, “Experience Effective Teaching”, a program based on O-AMAS effective teaching model was launched in the New Teachers Training Project Module of the National Online Training Center of Teacher in Higher Education Institutions and introduced to the whole country. In 2019, the Effective Teaching Enhancement Project based on O-AMAS effective teaching model was compiled into the “40 Articles in Teaching” of Nankai University.

Nankai Effective Teaching (NKET)

Nankai Effective Teaching (NKET), a teaching research and training team, is composed of 14 front-line teachers in Nankai University and set up by the Center for Faculty Development of Nankai University. The team members come from various colleges of Nankai University, whose academic backgrounds encompass Foreign Language and Literature, Chinese Language and Literature, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine, Electron-optic and so on. In 2019, NKET has won the title of Excellent Teaching Team of Nankai University.

The effective teaching training programs for teachers that NKET has been invited to complete include (but not limited):

NKET Enhancement Program

Nankai Effective Teaching Workshop

Enhancement Program for Key Teachers in Nankai University

Training Program for Key Teachers in Shandong Province

Southwest University of Political Science and Law

Southwest Jiaotong University

Shanghai Jiaotong University

Online Course of “Experience Effective Teaching” for New Teachers Training Program of National Online Training Center of Teacher in Higher Education Institutions