"Enjoy life, enjoy work!"

Student Profile

Name: Xi Yuejuan

College: School of Mathematical Science

Class of 2017

Program at University of Alberta, Canada

My Story

Thanks to the China Scholarship Council for supporting me to study abroad for one year at the University of Alberta, Canada. I got the chance to live in a new country, see new terrains, natural wonders, and landmarks, and make some lifelong friends with different backgrounds.  It is definitely a wonderful experience for me. 

When I was new in the city of Canada, Edmonton, I wasn't able to communicate with others by fluently speaking English. But an awful lot of work I had to deal with, such as renting an apartment, applying for debit cards, etc. Fortunately, encouraged by myself and friends, I feel confident enough to talk with a native. As time goes on, my English, both in oral and written expression, were much better than before.


During my international life, I learned to solve some problems by myself instead of relying on others' help. Another meaningful thing was that I realized that I enjoyed cooking and I have given up the take-out. I believe that I am able to prepare a magnificent dinner for my family on New Year's Eve. To try new things, I learned to do some outdoor sports, such as hiking, boating, camping, skiing, it is awesome to be close to nature. Traveling to Alberta is a must for all travelers and outdoor sports lovers. The Banff&Jasper national park which lies in the Rocky Mountains is a true paradise for travelers. There, I saw crystal clear lakes, glaciers, hiking trails, and some wild animal like wolves, moose, squirrels.


From the perspective of my study, I count myself fortunate to meet professor Hu. He is a very nice man and an expert in many fields, especially in probability and statistics. With his guide, I attended several major courses and discussed projects with other students, who always asked questions bravely and inspired me to investigate meaningful problems.

In the past several months, COVID-19 has affected people, communities, and organizations across the world. Like everywhere else, campus life at the University of Alberta is also suffering from COVID-19. All of us tried to adapt to new ways of learning, connecting, and communicating. What's more important, we received the medical package, containing masks, drugs, and Antiseptic cleansing wipes, from our homeland, China. We were deeply touched and proud of China.

In a word, the international experience is my turning point in the process of growing up.