Eurasia-Pacific Uninet (EPU)

The EPU network was founded in the year 2000 and has been strongly supported by the BMBWF and the OeAD. With almost 180 member institutions in 15 countries, the network promotes multilateral scientific cooperation, joint research projects, conferences as well as faculty and student exchange.

Eurasia-Pacific Uninet is the largest sovereign university network of its kind within Europe. Its goal is to support interdisciplinary scientific exchange between its member institutions through scholarships for Post Docs and Ph.D. students coming to Austria, projects, and summer schools.

With January 1, 2010 the OeAD-GmbH became the holding company for the Eurasia-Pacific Uninet administrative unit.

Eurasia-Pacific Uninet supports:

   scientific, economic, and cultural relations between Austria and target countries

   R&D activities of multinational companies

   visiting professorships

   reciprocal acknowledgement of study degrees and programs

Eurasia-Pacific Uninet supplies:

   research scholarships for member institutions

   contacts between government agencies, educational institutions and companies

   intercultural expertise through intensive programs and courses

Eurasia-Pacific Uninet initiates:

   joint research centers

   joint schools for teaching, research and training

  development of joint curricula and double-degree programs

research activities by means of workshops, seminars, converences and through the exchange of scientists among member institutions