Health Guidance and Scientific Medication

Lecturer: Zhang Jingling

Course Introduction

Under the sky, the colorful world is worthy of everyone's attention and time to discover and explore. However, human health is deteriorating, and there are countless cases where young lives are lost. For this reason, it is of great importance to establish a scientific concept of drug use and understand the prevention and treatment of common diseases. This course will provide students with authoritative and scientific knowledge of medication and protect your health. A healthy life starts with scientific health care and active prevention. Life is so beautiful but fragile, cherish it!

Course Background

This course is a publicly selected course of natural science in all-round education for students of various majors. Particularly, it is a kind of popular science teaching making non-medical students take in basic medical knowledge and pharmacology knowledge. And through easy-to-understand, in-depth and simple teaching methods, vivid examples, clear pictures and other materials, it strives to guide the students to understand and master some basic medical knowledge and common knowledge of medication, and learn about the characteristics of clinical medication in treating diseases. In addition, by studying this course, students can deepen their understanding of drugs, which is a useful attempt to reduce the unreasonable use of drugs and strengthen their own health care.

Course Objectives 

This course introduces basic knowledge of the incidence, changes and treatment of common diseases among students, as well as the treatment principles, application methods, adverse reactions and precautions of commonly used drugs in the treatment of diseases, so that non-medical students can understand how to take drugs rationally. And this course could also guide students to actively study related knowledge by themselves and correctly understand drugs. Enhancing self-health care consciousness This course not only broadens students’ horizons and enriches their common sense of life, but also encourages students to consciously adopt healthy lifestyles and eating habits, consciously respect nature, actively take health care, strengthen exercise and physical fitness and improve the ability to prevent diseases, guiding students to study and work healthily and enjoy happy life.

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