Environmental Chemistry

Lecturers: Sun Hongwen, Wang Lei, Yao Yiming, Shi Guoliang and Ma Xiaodong

Course Introduction

Environmental pollution in China is still increasingly worsening. The overall quality of environment has not improved and environmental pollution accidents frequently occur. People are overly dependent on chemicals, and improper behaviors in the production, transportation, use, and disposal of chemicals make chemicals the chief culprit of environmental pollution. Only by fully understanding the behavior and fate of chemicals in the environment and their toxicological characteristics, can the hazards of chemicals be effectively controlled.

Course Objectives  

1. To enable students to understand the basic theories, complete framework and frontiers of environmental chemistry development.

2. To enable students to master the main characteristics, main pollution phenomena and chemical principles of various environmental media.

3. To cultivate students' ability to comprehensively use the knowledge of environmental chemistry to understand and predict the environmental behavior, fate and risks of specific chemicals.

4. To inspire students to use chemical knowledge to solve environmental pollution.

Principles of Course Design

1. Diversified teaching—embedded with demonstration experiments, added practical examples and cutting-edge knowledge

2. Heuristic teaching-question inspiration, discussion inspiration, and experiment inspiration touching students' thinking hot spots

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