"Exchange life in Israel can be counted as one of the most wonderful memories in my life."

Student Profile

Name: Tang Yingwei

College: College of Pharmacy

Program at Isreal Institute of Technology, Isreal

My Story

I was lucky enough to successfully apply for the summer program of Israel Institute of Technology at the end of my junior year. This tour, also my first overseas study tour, in Israel can be counted as one of the most wonderful memories in my life. The 23-day tour was scheduled fully for various courses, trips and activities and stretched over Haifa, Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and Tel Aviv, giving us a deeper understanding of Israel's history and innovation culture.

The Israel Institute of Technology is located in Haifa with pleasant climate. What impressed me was that the school is not separated from the urban area by walls, but integrated with the surroundings and built on the undulating hillside. Therefore, I could overlook the distant view of the school and the city in the dormitory. But the route to teaching buildings was twisty. This can be a way of physical exercise for us in Israel. Professor Hossam, who taught the Nanosensor Technology course I chose, is a very outstanding scientist. In the class, I not only learned the cutting-edge nanotechnologies and his amazing scientific research results, but also admired his vivid teaching. The classroom of Israel Institute of Technology focuses on team discussions and instant Q&A. No matter what questions you raised immediately, you could get detailed answers and extended introduction from the professor, bringing a lot of benefits.

Meanwhile, the school also arranged teaching assistants and living instructors for us to guarantee that our daily homework and life problems can be resolved in time. The teaching assistants were very gentle and responsible. Once I had a sudden abdominal pain when visiting the laboratory, one teaching assistant borrowed some medicine for me in the laboratory promptly and told me that if I still felt unwell, I didn't have to go to class the next day. When I met the teaching assistant the next day, the teaching assistant also asked me carefully if I was well. This matter moved me in a foreign country. And I still remember it. In the final class, group projects were presented. I was really happy to prepare a small project with partners from different schools. It also enabled me to learn from many outstanding students. (The only one Indian male student in the project was very excellent academically)

The travel was usually arranged on weekends or in individual free time to places not in the schedule. The most anticipated was a two-day tour in Jerusalem and the Dead Sea. And in every travel, the school would arrange a tour guide. The vigorous propaganda of Israeli culture was also very impressive. Most of the Israeli people are very warm and friendly. On the road, the local people would ask you where you were from or ask for a group photo and told us that they liked China very much. The ice cream and traditional food in Israel were also very good, but the high price was the only drawback.

When studied in Israel, I could clearly learn about their innovation atmosphere. Chinese students may be more adept at industrious study, but there is indeed much space for us to learn cultivation of innovation from them. I also hope that more students from Nankai University could join the summer program of Israel Institute of Technology and know more about the beautiful country through this cultural connection window. I show my gratitude to Nankai University, CSC and Technion!