Stories about the Roads of Nankai University

1. Wuhu Road

Wuhu Road, named after the Five (Wu) Tigers (Hu) of Nankai University”, is close to the Second Main Building. The Five Tigers of Nankai University” refers to Wang Xiliang, Wei Pengyun, Li Guochen, Liu Jianchang and Tang Baokun, five key players of the basketball team of Nankai University in the 1920s and 1930s.

2. Dazhong Road

Dazhong Road is one of the most famous roads at Balitai Campus of Nankai University. Before 1937, there's another lake faced the current Mati Lake and this road ran between them. The road and the two lakes formed something looking like the Chinese character  (zhong), hence the name.

Numerous Nankai people meet and leave Nankai University from Dazhong Road, from a student to a successful person in all walks of life.

3. Yiyuan Road

Yiyuan Road is named after Yiyuan Guesthouse at the end of the road. In 1987, Mr. Shiing-Shen Chern used multiple funding sources to build Yiyuan Guesthouse to support the academic year event of the Institute of Mathematics at Nankai University.

Today, Yiyuan Road welcomes scholars and experts from around the world. Mr. Cherns indelible contributions to the progress of mathematics in China and the world as a whole will be remembered by people at Nankai University.

4. Lequn North Road and Lequn South Road

Lequn North Road and Lequn South Road are named after the tradition of patriotism, dedication to work, innovation and gregariousness promoted by Nankai University. They are two trunk roads extending from both sides of the building of the College of Chemistry.

Nankai University trained a great number of outstanding people represented by Premier Zhou Enlai and made a great contribution to the development of the nation. In 1914, Premier Zhou Enlai, when studying at Nankai University, established the Jingye Lequn (Dedication and Gregariousness) Society. 

5. Gongneng North Road, Gongneng South Road, Gongneng West Road and Gongneng East Road

Gongneng is named after Nankai University’s motto of Dedication to Public Interests (Yun Gong), Acquisition of All-Round Capability (Yun Neng), and Aspiration for Progress with Each Passing Day (Rixin Yueyi) coined by founding president of Nankai University Chang Po-ling. These four roads are the trunk roads of the Jinnan Campus. Gongneng expresses Nankai University’s values and spirit, and has inspired generations of people at Nankai to contribute to social progress and the rejuvenation of the nation.

6. Rixin Road and Yueyi Road

Rixin Road and Yueyi Road are the two roads north of the library at Jinnan Campus. “Rixin” and “Yueyi” are also named after Nankai University’s motto, meaning “moving with the times” and achieve innovation and progress.

7. Xiangyu Road

At the South Entrance to the Jinnan Campus of Nankai University is the Xiangyu Bridge. The road connecting to this bridge is Xiangyu Road. Xiangyu means “hovering in the universe. Xiangyu is the courtesy name of Premier Zhou Enlai, an outstanding alumnus of Nankai University. Xiangyu Road is lined with gingko trees, which appear golden in autumn.

8. Shangshan Road

Shangshan Road is the vertical road west of the College of Pharmacy and the School of Medicine at Nankai University. Shangshan means that the highest good is like water and that a doctor or pharmacist should be merciful, do good deeds and practice medicine in order to help the people.

9. Siyuan Road

At the West Entrance to the Jinnan Campus of Nankai University is a road lined with malus spectabilis and connecting Plaza at the West Entrance to the retro buildings. This road is Siyuan Road. The Siyuan Hall, a main building built in the early days of Nankai University, witnessed the hardships confronting the educators when founding Nankai University. Siyuan means when we drink water, we should not forget its source.” 

(Edited and translated by Nankai News Team)