Nankai Smart College

  • About Smart College

  • As one of the patterns for building “teacher-student community”, Smart College (Zhihui Shuyuan in Chinese, Shuyuan means the academy where scholars could engage in studies without restrictions or distractions) of Nankai University has merged the education concept of Shuyuan system with the core idea of academic guidance, and has integrated teachers from relevant subjects closely with students. By creating an open, inclusive, supportive and guiding atmosphere for growth, it is committed to forming a new platform for communications between teachers and students.

  • Supported by tech platforms, Smart College is comprised of interdisciplinary teachers and students, making full of its cross-disciplinary advantages. By pooling the wisdom at all times from all countries in one place, and integrating immersive learning, nurturing, edification and education as a whole, Smart College has connected knowledge exploring and personality cultivation into one, aiming to forge a team for total education and to provide students with comprehensive guidance from academic planning and learning guidance, to career and life goals.

  • Now Nankai has launched 6 Smart Colleges as follow.

First Smart College

by College of Tourism and Service Management

Mudan College

by College of Foreign Languages

Boling Smart College

by School of Physics

Turing College

by College of Computer Science and College of Cyber Science

Miaowu College

by School of Literature

Chongdao College

by College of Chinese Language and Culture