Health and Insurance

Overseas students studying at Nankai University must buy medical insurance. Medical insurance will be provided by the Ministry of Education and Hanban for recipients of Chinese government scholarships. Medical insurance for inter-school exchange students will be handled according to the exchange agreement between Nankai University and the foreign institution. Self-support overseas students purchase their own medical insurance. Please see the download for detailed information on Operation Instructions for Paying Insurance Premium Online. Medical fees charged by doctors and hospitals are the same for overseas students as the fees for Chinese citizens. Nankai University has its own affiliated hospital (located on campus), which provides convenient medical treatment for Nankai teachers and students.

Overseas students who have not graduated on time must purchase their medical insurance for periods of extension (400 RMB is charged for half year extensions, 800 RMB for full-year extensions). Those students who have not paid their insurance fees will not be allowed to extend their visas.

Overseas students at Nankai are covered by PINGAN International Students Insurance. Ping An Annuity Insurance Company is the official partner of the China Ministry of Education. Its online platform and 24hours hotline provide professional services to international students. For more information on insurance purchase, policy, coverage, claims, please check out: