IT Services

Office of Informatization, Nankai University is responsible for the informatization construction of the university.

Currently, the office is in charge of the following duties:

1.the planning and implementation of e-campus;

2.the overall construction of the software and hardware platforms for e-campus, including the campus network, the campus card, the school-level public multi-media classrooms, and application systems;

3.setting and improving various information standards so as to promote information sharing;

4.coordinating the affairs related to informatization inside and outside the university; 

5.the technical support work of information security; coordinating with related departments on the inspection and supervision of the information on the campus network;

6. other responsibilities designated by superior departments and the university leaders.


There are five sections in the Office of Informatization, including the general section, the network section, the information section, the service section and educational technology section.



Tel: 022-23506189

Fax: 022-23506189



The Information Technology Center is the University’s provider for IT infrastructure, technology, and related service and support. 

IT Service Center23508231(Balitai Campus)/ 85358890(Jinnan Campus)

Internet Fix & Report hotline23503656/23503634(Balitai Campus)/ 85358000(Jinnan Campus)


Internet Department23509599(Balitai Campus)/ 85358100(Jinnan Campus)

Information Department23509412(Balitai Campus)/ 23509595(Jinnan Campus)