Established in May 2014, the Nankai University Museum is a subordinate institution of Nankai University. It is located on the Balitai Campus of Nankai University. Currently, it is composed of a cultural relics warehouse, an exhibition hall of cultural relics, and an exhibition hall of Calligraphy and Painting of Fan Zeng, covering a total area of nearly 1000 square meters. According to the school's development and construction plan, the new museum building on the Jinnan Campus is under construction, with a total construction area of more than 7,000 square meters, including the Cultural Relic Hall and the Nature Hall. The museum has offices, reference rooms, a Cultural and Museological Archaeology Research Center and other institutions, and the Cultural and Museological Archaeology Teaching and Experimental Center co-established by Nankai University and the School of History.

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The Cultural Relics Exhibition Hall

The Cultural Relics Exhibition Hall is located in the Fan Sun building, covering an exhibition hall area of 300 ㎡, with material culture placed in an ancient China thematic display. The collection includes 200 pieces of cultural relics on display, forming a total of nine units.

The Fan Zeng Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition Hall

The Fan Zeng Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition Hall is located in the Oriental Art Museum Building, covering an area of 500 ㎡. It is composed of the Yong Ming house, the Nankai Hall, and the art gallery. It shows part of Mr. Fan Zeng's calligraphy and painting works composed in recent years, his study at Nankai University, his close friendship with Nankai University, and the comments of Mr. Fan Zeng's friends and famous people at home and abroad.


Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday: 14:30-17:00   

Friday: 9:30-12:00