Vice President of Rice University (US) Dr. Caroline Levander Visits Nankai University


November 11th, Vice President of Rice University (US) Dr. Caroline Levander visited Nankai University, the Vice President of Nankai Lei Wang met the guest at Balitai campus.

After having extended a warm welcome to Dr. Levander, Lei Wang briefly introduced Nankai University’s current situation and the international exchanges and cooperations. He mentioned that Nankai University pays keen attention to the construction of internationalization and always has a good communication and interaction with Rice University.

Dr. Caroline Levander highly praised the progress achieved by Nankai University in recent years and introduced the development of Rice University. Rice University has valued the communication between two universities and hopes to expand the cooperation fields, promoting a deeper interaction between student collaborative education and scientific research.

Before the meeting, Dr. Caroline Levander encountered the people in charge of Nankai University’s College of Foreign Languages, College of Software, and College of Environmental Science and Engineering. They had a discussion on the future cooperation.

Rice University, founded in 1891 in Houston, Texas, USA, is a world-famous private research university, one of the “New Ivy” famous universities, with about 6,700 students. Nankai University and Rice University signed a memorandum of academic cooperation in 2005, formally establishing a friendly and cooperative relationship between the two universities. In 2007, the two universities jointly established China-US Center for Environmental Restoration and Sustainable Development.

People in charge of Nankai University’s Office for International Academic Exchanges and China-US Center for Environmental Restoration and Sustainable Development also attended the meeting.

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(Translated by YuchenShi,Edited by Davide Francolino and JianjingYun)