2019 Nature Conference “Physical Properties of Metal-Organic Frameworks” Held at Nankai University


November 19th, the opening ceremony of 2019 Nature Conference “Physical Properties of Metal-Organic Frameworks” has been held at the West Administrative Building of Jinnan campus. The Nankai University’s Vice President Prof. Lei Wang, people in charge of the School of Materials Science and Engineering, representatives of “Nature”, and the Chief Editor of “Communications Chemistry” Dr. Victoria Richards attended the opening ceremony and gave speeches.

Prof. Lei Wang extended his warm welcome to the attendants and expressed gratitude towards the experts, the scholars, and the partnership departments for their constant support and help for Nankai University. He introduced the general situation of Nankai University, the development of Chemistry and Material Science, and the current development and research results of the School of Materials Science and Engineering. He hoped this academic conference will further promote cooperation and exchanges in future.

Dr. Richards thanked Nankai University for its contribution to the realization of the conference. She said that a broad academic vision and a closer international cooperation are indispensable to solve the challenging scientific problems. The Natural conference is committed to clearly and accurately disseminate the scientific achievements and to build an international academic exchange platform.

Held from November 19th to 21st, the theme of the Nature conference has been “Physical Properties of Metal-Organic Frameworks”. About 350 experts and scholars from universities and research institutions from 12 countries and regions including Cambridge University, Johns Hopkins University, Nanyang University of Technology and Institute of Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences attended the conference. Attendants made leading-edge academic reports in the fields of energy, magnetism, electronics, optoelectronics, optics, mechanical properties and structural phase transition. Eventually, ten of these were finally selected as excellent reports.

(Translated by YuchenShi, Edited by Davide Francolino and JianjingYun)