[The 100th Anniversary of Nankai University] “‘Nankai Index’ and Related Economic Records” Published


To celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Nankai University, “‘Nankai Index’ and Related Economic Records” edited by the group leading by Nankai University’s Prof. Zongsheng Chen has been published by Nankai University Press. Composed of 20 volumes, the book is a great gift for the alma mater given by the academics of Nankai’s Economy and Nankai University Press.

The famous economist Prof. Lian He founded Nankai’s Institute of Economics in 1927 and started to release the world-known “Nankai Index” since 1928. This unofficial economic index has long provided authoritative data for international academic circles to study China’s economy, and has also become an important reference for the government decision-making, bringing international reputation to Nankai’s Institute of Economics. This index used to include the wholesale price index of North China, the living expenses index of Tianjin workers, and the foreign exchange rate index of Tianjin. The compilation and release of the price index lasted until the end of 1980s.

After nearly 20 years of interruption, Nankai index, the oldest and most influential unofficial economic index in China, was released in 2007 at Nankai University.

An editorial board composed of domestic authoritative experts was invited to the editing of “‘Nankai Index’ and Related Economic Records”. The editorial board deeply explored and sorted out the original materials of Nankai Index, compiled a complete and original set of Nankai Index that is published in the form of photocopy. It can provide important historical reference data and database for today’s economic transformation and upgrading, especially the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and even the regional economic development of the whole North China.

Translated by Yuchen ShiEdited by Davide Francolino and JianjingYun