A Letter to All Nankai Students


Dear students,

This time, the epidemic control and prevention are now at their toughest and most critical period. Life is of paramount importance. When an epidemic breaks out, a command is to be issued. It is our responsibility to prevent and control it. Under the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as its core, all Chinese people have been striving to win the battle against the epidemic.

At the moment, we are concerned about every one of you and we know that you are missing Nankai too. In  order to improve the prevention and control work of the university, the university has recently established special leading and working groups. All colleges, schools and departments are actively strengthening the prevention and control work. Medical teams hurry to the first line, scientists and experts undertake the mission, alumni companies set up donations, students who go back to the hometown join in the volunteering work, teachers start to teach and promote the research online, counselors keep communicating with you every day and many people from the staff work in the campus. At the critical moment of the battle against the epidemic, all Nankai people keep dedicating to the public interests with their all-round capability. Their united actions and joint response to challenges prove their loyalty to the country, love for the people, and original aspiration and mission of the 100-year-old Nankai.

The more fierce the storm, the more united we should be. In the people’s battle against the epidemic, all Chinese people are warriors without absence. Nankai’s peace and harmony, people’s health, and the country’s prosperity, this all requires our guard. We read the online comments like “Thank you teachers” and “Resolutely follow the university’s arrangement” and we also hear the stories that students consciously abide by the requirements of prevention and control management and actively join in volunteering services. We can deeply feel your cohesive power, vision of overall situation and sense of responsibility.  It is your active response, understanding and support for the university’s work that give the university strong confidence and inexhaustible impetus to enhance the prevention and control work.

The more critical the moment, the braver we should be. It is our obligatory responsibility to support and coordinate with the Party Committee and the Government’s work in order to win the battle against the epidemic. We hope when you protect yourselves, please also actively publicize correct knowledge of epidemic prevention and control. You are supported to be practitioners and demonstrators of scientific prevention and control with love and care for people around you. We hope you can see the epidemic with your reason. You are cheered to be fighters and terminators against the rumors online, consciously telling the right and wrong and spreading the positive energy. We also hope that you can strengthen your confidence and overcome the tough time with people around you. You are encouraged to be volunteers and participants in the battle against the epidemic, showing Nankai students’ love, faith and actions of serving the people.

The tougher the challenges are, the calmer we should be. This unexpected epidemic and unprecedented winter holiday forced you to stay at home. But it is also a precious time for you to check yourself, study on your own and promote yourself. Though as required by the prevention and control work, the university cannot start as planned, teachers are enhancing teaching plans and creating better environment for you to study online. So before you come back, we hope you can reasonably plan and arrange your life and study. It is hoped that you can actively enrich yourself by the power of knowledge and promote yourself by independent study, extensive reading and online courses.

The blossom will come soon since the spring has already arrived. No matter where you are, please keep in mind that teachers are caring about you all the time. We all sincerely hope that when you return to the campus, you are all strong and healthy. We believe, as Nankai people of the second 100 years and Chinese youth of the new era, you will always love and strive for the country, and write new chapters of youth, mission and future in the battle against the epidemic!

Nankai University’s Chancellor Qingshan Yang

President Xuetao Cao

15 February 2020

 (Translated by Yuchen Shi, Edited by Davide Francolino and JianjingYun)