Nankai University’s AI Supports the Fighting against the Epidemic Worldwide


Prof. Mingming Cheng from Nankai University’s College of Computer Science and Engineering and his team has been collaboratively working with Infervision on COVID-19 CT image AI screening. Prof. Mingming CHENG, the Member of the WFEO Committee on Information and Communication and Professor at the Department of Computer and Information Security of Nankai University, said that this AI screening system of CT image is able to conclude the calculation of dozens of high-resolution CT data of a patient in only tens of seconds. If the number of servers can be increased, the work is able to be done within just a few seconds. This provides support for rapid screening of a large number of case data. 

With the severe epidemic spreading in many countries around the world, the technology has been exported and deployed successfully in China, Japan, Italy and other countries around the world. It is helping doctors worldwide, who are fighting on the front line against the coronavirus epidemic and it is showing the world the technological strength of China in anti-epidemic.

On March 24 (Beijing time), CNN interviewed Kuan CHEN, CEO of Infervision on-site. Kuan CHEN mentioned that in the last two months, China has experienced a fierce battle against the epidemic and staged results of epidemic prevention and control have been achieved. In this process, science and technology play an irreplaceable role. Infervision’s AI-assisted screening and epidemic testing system is one example. “We have already deployed our systems in Japan and Italy. Indeed, we have been working with the largest teleradiology group in Japan and deploying our AI with Doctor Net for doctors in Yokohama area where the cruise port (of the Diamond Princess) is. And we have also deployed our AI system in Italy, helping the doctors there to fight off the COVID-19 virus. We are definitely looking forward to deploy our AI system in the US and even more countries in Europe.” 

After knowing the  performance of the product in the world anti-epidemic work, CNN’s host Julia Chatterley highly praised the achievement made by China’s technology in the fight against the virus and expressed her expectations for this technology.

See the online interview from CNN:

 (Reported by Jianjing Yun and Qianye Yang, Translated by Yuchen Shi, Edited by Davide Francolino and JianjingYun)