To Nankai; From NKers around the World


Students from South Korea


Bosung Kim:

Hello, I am Bosung Kim from Zhou Enlai’s School of Government. Now I am in South Korea. The temperature is gradually increasing these days and today when I went out to do some sport I found cherry flowers blooming . Just like the coldness that now is fading away, so the epidemic will finally disappear. Before returning to the campus, I hope everyone could keep healthy while staying at home. Thanks for Nankai’s care and support! I will still be cooperative for the epidemic prevention work.


Jeong-an Lee:

Hi, my name is Jeong-an Lee from South Korea, I am a student of the College of Chinese Language and Culture. I  stay at home all along almost every day in South Korea and seldom see my friends personally. To confront with the serious epidemic, I wear the mask every day, especially when I go out. Things are getting better in South Korea,  I have been keeping myself healthy as well. The spring has arrived and flowers are blooming in front of my house, so I decided to took this picture! Wish you all will be healthy,I am really looking forward to see you in the near future!


Soo-min Song:

I am Soo-min Song of the College of Foreign Languages. I am Korean and now I’m living in Hefei, Anhui Province in China. I am having a healthy life these days. When I was admitted to Nankai University in 2019, in order to better understand Chinese culture, I decided not to go back home in South Korea and spend the winter holiday here in China.

When I thought about how to spend the Spring Festival, I decided to visit my Chinese friend’s family. Xiu Li’ s family members accepted me, so I spent the Spring Festival with her family in January. But because of the sudden emergence of the coronavirus, the lockdown policy disrupted my original plan and I had to stay at her home for a longer time. Though I felt at a loss at first, her family’s hospitality eventually deeply touched me. I’m staying here with them for more than two months. During these days, we watched many Chinese movies and TV dramas, like “The Captain”, “Monster Hune”, “Better Days”, “Like a Flowing River” and so on. Many Chinese traditional food provided at Nankai’s canteens are tasty, but the Chinese food I’m tasting here at Xiu Li’s home is more delicious. Together we made dumplings, shao-mai, bread, milk tea and so on. These days are unforgettable. From this experience, I learned that the language barrier cannot block the heart-to-heart communication. I’m finding myself completely in love with China. In the end, I should say thank you to my teachers Ms. Xu and Mr. Hao for their concern over my safety. I also appreciate Nankai University’s care and help for me and I will cooperate with the epidemic prevention work as I did before.


Yu-seon Hwang:

I am Yu-seon Hwang from the College of Chinese Language and Culture. Now I am in Gimhae in South Korea. I feel good these days and I always take a walk outdoors because the weather is getting better. Many thanks for Nankai’s care and help, I will wear the mask every day and won’t go to crowded areas to cooperate with the epidemic prevention.


Hyun-a Baek:

I am Hyun-a Baek from the College of Chinese Language and Culture. For the holidays I returned to South Korea, but I always miss Nankai. I love the city of Tianjin and the atmosphere of Nankai. I also miss the lovely teachers and friends on campus.

Because of the epidemic, I cannot go back to Tianjin and have to stay in South Korea. Though I can feel my parents’ love and the warmth of my family, I still miss the days in Nankai. I hope all of this will come to an end soon, so that I can go back to the campus. Nankai University cares and supports me in many ways and I will keep cooperative with the university’s prevention work. Only when united we can fight off the epidemic. Facing the crisis, please don’t panic. Let’s defeat this virus bravely and together!

Student from Japan


Chisato Tsutsumiuchi:

My name is Chisato Tsutsumiuchi. I am from Japan and I’m a student of the School of Finance. Now I am in Tokyo. My family members and I are all in good health. Thanks for Nankai’s care and support, I will keep cooperative with the epidemic prevention work. The spring has arrived and it is time to enjoy this beautiful scenery. Hope all classmates and teachers around the world keeps healthy and strong.Let’s wait for the end of the epidemic!

Student from Belgium


Kelly Lam:

Hello I’m Kelly, a 2018 student of Chinese International Education, from Belgium. Now I am in Liége, in Belgium. When I was in Tianjin, I took my life for granted, complaining about Tianjin and missing my home in Belgium, especially the French fries. Now that I’m in Belgium,  I start to miss Tianjin’s milk tea, hot pot, barbeque, fresh meat and so on. Sometimes when I feel hungry and bored at night, I chat with my classmates (we only have six students in the class and all of us are beautiful girls). We often say that we miss the fried chicken and Haidilao hot pot… just like this, we imagine the cuisine of Tianjin in our heads and make a food list. As soon as we  go back to school and meet again, we will gobble them all.

These days I’ve learned how to make a cake, chocolate mousse and so on. I miss the milk custard in China so much that I learned on YouTube how to do it myself, his makes me feel so happy. I miss Nankai and Tianjin, and expect to go back to school. I want to say thank you to Nankai for their constant care and help. In accordance with the prevention work, I will stay at home, waiting for the university’s further announcement. Hope everyone stays healthy!

Student from Russia


Vishniakova Elizaveta

I am a Russian master student of the College of History. I’m having classes online in Moscow, waiting to go back to China. First of all, I would like to thank Nankai University for its care and assistance for us students. In this special time, I will keep cooperating with the epidemic prevention work. I believe China and the whole world will win the battle against the virus.

In Russia, the spring is a special season. It is the season of flowers and love. Days are getting longer and warmer, which makes people happy. I’d like to share some photos here so you can see the sunrise and sunset of St. Petersburg’s spring and the flower blossom in Moscow. I hope the epidemic can come to an end soon, so we can go travelling with our family members and enjoy the beautiful spring outdoors. Please take care, my teachers and classmates. Nankai, we will meet again!

Student from Vietnam


Nguyen Thi Van Quynh:

I am in Vietnam, missing Nankai and all of you.

The spring has arrived and the epidemic will end. Love and hope spread faster than the virus. Hope we can go back to school and get together in the beautiful sunshine in the near future. Before that, I will study and practise calligraphy at home and wait for the day of return.

Students from Thailand


Kasinurak Sumethee:

I am Kasinurak Sumethee and I’m in good health here in Thailand. These days I’m eating so much,this  that’s why I’m missing the trip to the lotus pond in my hometown last year.

Please don’t forget to protect yourself from the virus. Hope the epidemic will be defeated soon so that we can get together at the campus!


Kuhapunya Napat

I am Kuhapunya Napat. I am now in Thailand. All my family is in good health. I just want to tell my teachers and classmates in China that I am fine!

Student from Benin


Fambo Houlda:

I am Fambo Houlda, a doctoral student of the College of Economics, from Benin. I am now at Nankai District, Tianjin, and I am in good health. Thanks to the Chinese government, Tianjin government and the university’s counsellors, I spent the past months healthily. When the epidemic broke out, many foreigners chose to leave China, but I chose to stay. I have two reasons. First, I believe in China and know that China will not give up on us. Second, the first time I came to China, I took it as my second hometown. So when China has difficulties, I should not run away but spend the hard days here with her. Just as the old saying goes, “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. When I saw doctors from Benin volunteering in the hospitals in Wuhan, I blamed myself because I could not help them directly. All I could do was to pray and to encourage those brave doctors, nurses and teachers from home. They sacrificed their life and time to help others.

I appreciate Tianjin’s government leadership for their care for us.

I specially thank Nankai University because of its concern and assistance for me. I must say thanks  to my counsellors, Mr. Yu Hao, Ms. Shen and other teachers. They sent me daily supplies many times and contacted  me every day to ensure my life and study to go well.

During these days, we are like family. Their parent-like care and protection for me make me forget about the longlines and fear.

China and Chinese people are amazing. It is an unforgettable experience to me. I will keep maintaining the precautionary measures as always and cooperating with the prevention work.

Stay strong, China and the whole world!

Students from Pakistan


Altaf Muhammad Bilal:

I am Bilal from College of Chemistry. These days I stay in Multan, Pakistan. I am fine and in good health. Nankai University has always been supportive for us, helping and caring for us in the time of panic. Great thanks for Nankai’s love, care and support. During the epidemic, I will keep observing the precautionary measures. Hoping the epidemic will end soon and everything will get better.


Sayyed Yasra:

My name is Sayyed Yasra and I am a master student of the School of Medicine. In the last two months of fighting against the virus, I saw Nankai University’s great effort in preventing the virus by taking precautionary measures for students as much as they could.

Nankai University has been taking the best measures to keep the campus beautiful and clean. I should also say thank you to the workers who keep the campus tidy. Tribute to Nankai University! Stay strong, China!


Zeb Aurang:

I am Zeb from Pakistan, a master student in Nankai University’s College of Environment Science and Engineering. I am at the university’s Jinnan campus. I am healthy thanks to all the teacher’s care. They brought food and daily supplies for us and asked us about our health condition time to time. Their care and help really touched me. I will do as required by the prevention work. Hope the epidemic will be defeated soon so that we can appreciate the beautiful scenery without the mask.

Student from Hungary


Tóth Andrea:

I am Tóth Andrea, a student from the College of Chinese Language and Culture. I am from Hungary and I’m now staying at Balitai campus. I am in good shape,thanks Nankai for its care and help for me. I will support the prevention work as always. Flowers are blooming at Balitai campus and the spring is here! China, Tianjin and Nankai, stay strong!

Student from Ukraine


Dmytrenko Bohdan:

I am Bohdan from Ukraine, a student of the College of Economics. Since January when the epidemic broke out, I’m staying in my room of the university’s dormitory. My roommate returned to his hometown so I could have video call with my girlfriend when I’m alone. This photo is a screenshot cropped by her when we chatted online. We didn't say much, just doing things quietly before the screens. She reads books and I learn Chinese. I am in very good shape and I even bought fitness equipment to do exercise in the dorm.

Many thanks for the university’s teachers care and protection for us. They sent us free masks and daily supplies. They also took measures to ensure our health, like registering the entrances and regularly taking our body temperature Thank you, all the teachers. We should still try not to go out , wear masks, wash hands, keep in good mood and keep learning. The epidemic will be defeated! Stay strong, China and the world!

Students from DPRK


Sung-ju Ryu:

I am Sung-ju Ryu from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, a student from the School of Medicine. Now I live healthily in the dormitory for  overseas student at Nankai University Campus. Since the day when the epidemic broke out, the university made great efforts for our health and study. Teachers asked us about our life every day, which encouraged me a lot.They alsosent me health supplies and food many times. Though we are in a hard time, I can learn and have classes online with teachers’ instruction without disruption. I don't have any difficulties in my life. Truly thanks for Nankai University’s care and help for me. I will pay attention to the epidemic prevention as always and hope the whole world can fight off the virus in the near future.


Jong-guk Kim:

I am Jong-guk Kim from DPRK, a doctoral student of Nankai University’s College of Environmental Science and Engineering. I am now at the dormitory for overseas student. During the epidemic, the university greatly supported the overseas students from all over the world. I really appreciate  that. The university sent us medical and daily supplies for our health and life. Teachers and staff at the Office for International Students and the College regularly asked about our health condition every day and took necessary measures. Thanks to that, I am in good health. I will keep cooperative with the prevention work and hope we can start school in the near future after the virus will be defeated.


Hui-Gwang Yun:

I am Hui-Gwang Yun from DPRK, a student of College of Environmental Science and Engineering. I am at Jinnan campus of Nankai University. Thanks to the care and assistance of the university’s Office for International Academic Exchanges and the College, I am healthy and will keep cooperating to the precautionary work.

The spring is here again. This year’s spring is different. The flower blossom makes people think about the earth that wins the battle against the disease. For people’s health and the world’s peace, stay strong!


Dear students,

No matter where you are,

You are all Nankai’s loved children.

In this special time,

The university hopes you are all safe and healthy.

Please keep cooperating with the epidemic prevention work and make good self-protection.

Hope we can meet again in the near future.

 (Reported by NKUISO, Translated by Yuchen Shi, Edited by Davide Francolino and JianjingYun)