Nankai University Library Releases the List of Most Borrowed Books in 2019


Which are the most popular books  among university students?  The university’s library knows the answer. On April 23, the World Book Day, Nankai University’s Library made statistics on the amount of books borrowed by all Nankai students in the past year,as they always do. “Python Practice of Data Analysis and Mining” is the book borrowed the most, with 51 times a year, hence it becomes the “champion” on the 2019’s list. It is also interesting that the “champion” book last year, “The Tale of Genji”, have fallen out of the top ten.

The top ten on the 2019 list are: “Python Practice of Data Analysis and Mining”, “Ordinary World”, “Chronicle of a Blood Merchant”, “Three Body Problem”, “Fall of Giants”, “Insight”, “Computer Systems: A Programmer’s Perspective”, “Three Body Problem III: Death’s End”, “The Deep Learning Revolution” and “Three Body Problem: Dark Forest”.

According to Nankai University Library, releasing the list on the World Book Day aims at inspiring students to the passion of reading, by providing them with references and encouraging more students to take reading as a good habit and a lifelong hobby.

During the World Book Day, Nankai University Library will also hold series of activities online, including the 10th “Nankai Reading Festival”, “Book Recommendation for Teachers”, “Online Book Exhibition”, “Three-line Love Letter” and “Online Reading Competition” so as to offer a “cloud” learning platform for Nankai teachers and students.

(Reported by Renming Qiao, Translated by Yuchen Shi, Edited by Davide Francolino and JianjingYun)