Nankai Staff’s First Day of Resumption All Works Carried out in an Orderly Manner


April 26 is the first day of resumption of Nankai’s staff. According to the university’s arrangement, teachers and staff who meet the requirements of returning to school can return to work in batches on the same day. From that day on, on the premise of ensuring epidemic prevention and control, the university will make overall plans for class resumption in batches and employment of graduates in the spring semester, and steadily promote the return to normal practices of all tasks.

Before the staff’s resumption, the university formulated detailed work plans. On the first day of resumption, teachers and staff started to work in an orderly manner as mandated.

At the gate of the university, before entering the campus, teachers and staff must show their “health code” and work pass, scan the QR code of “Jinmen Zhanyi”, and have their temperature checked.

8:00 AM, at the east gate of the Balitai campus, a staff scans the QR code of “Jinmen Zhanyi”.

Teachers and staff entered the Balitai campus in an orderly fashion.

8:30 AM, drivers have their temperature checked in an orderly manner

 at the west gate of the Jinnan campus.

A security guard helps test the staff’s body temperature.

Teachers and staff enter the Jinnan campus in an orderly manner.

Some teachers and staff go to work by bus No. 612.

All departments and colleges also carried out morning self-inspection in the office according to the arrangement of the university. After opening windows for ventilation, they started to work maintaining proper social distance. Before the start of school, all departments and colleges also prepared masks, disinfectants, hand sanitizer and other protective supplies for the staff.

Teachers and staff must have their temperature taken again when entering the building.

Staff must have their body temperature checked and register before parking in the underground garage of the West Administrative Building at the Jinan campus.

Staff at the School of Statistics and Data Science working while maintaining proper social distance.

Counselors at the School of Literature disinfect the office.

Staff at the College of Artificial Intelligence distribute  protective supplies.

In order to further ensure the dining safety of teachers and students, the school has formulated the dining arrangement of the canteen during the epidemic prevention and control period according to the higher authority’s mandates. At the entrance of the canteen, all people must have their body temperature checked and people who do not wear masks are not allowed to enter. All canteens will carry out disinfection before the three meals, and provide hand sanitizer for free at the entrance and near the washing basins. Teachers and students must wear masks when choosing and taking meals, keep a distance of more than 1 meter in line, and remove masks at the last possible moment before they sit down to eat. One table per one person is the mandate. Face-to-face dining is not allowed.

8:30 AM, breakfast is provided on the 1st floor of the dining hall at the Jinnan campus.

Body temperature must be checked and the QR code scanned before entering the dining hall.

Warning signs are set on the dining hall’s floor to indicate the queuing distance of 1 meter.

The university suggests that teachers and students take out their meals as much as possible. The dining area is set up to accommodate one table per person to ensure safe dining distance.

Warning signs are set up in the queuing channel of the canteen.

At present, on the premise of ensuring epidemic prevention and control, university staff have successfully promoted various work tasks. All teachers and staff will continue to stick to their posts and actively prepare for the return of graduating students on May 8.

 (Reported by Jingqiu Hao, Photography by Junhui Wu and Jici Nie, Translated by Yuchen Shi, Edited by Daniel Stefan and JianjingYun)