Nankai University Offers Considerate Gifts for Their Graduates


Facing the most special graduation season of 2020, Nankai University held its special graduation ceremony and farewell ceremony, and offered special gifts for all the graduates.

All the Graduates: Mortar Boards and School Badges

In order to make up for the pity that some graduates were unable to return to the school to participate in the graduation ceremony, the Department of Student Affairs and the Department of Postgraduate Affairs prepared a mortar board and a school badge for each of the 2020 graduates.

The mortar board is a testimony to the graduates’  study career in Nankai, and the school badge is the carrier of the Nankai spirit, namely “Dedication to public interests, acquisition of all-round capability, and aspiration for progress with each passing day”, hoping that all the graduates can make their contribution to the development of the whole nation.

The Outstanding Graduates: Medal of Honor

The Department of Student Affairs prepared a medal of honor for each of the outstanding undergraduates of 2020. The “Xiangyu Medal” will be bestowed on all the graduates who won the honor of being the Outstanding Graduates.

The main element of the Xiangyu Medal is a golden phoenix spreading its wings. It is based on the nickname Da Luan (the Chinese name of the phoenix) from Nankai's distinguished alumnus Zhou Enlai, which entrusts Nankai's expectations for the outstanding graduates.

The Department of Postgraduates Affairs also prepared a commemorative medal for each of the outstanding postgraduates of 2020. The medal will be bestowed on all the postgraduates who won the honor of being the Outstanding Postgraduates.

Diversified Graduation Gifts Manifests Nankai’s Expectations to the Graduates

The Department of Student Affairs has prepared special gifts for the graduates who had participated in the research on the effect of auxiliary learning system (which is called “Li Gong Zeng Neng” in Nankai University) since 2016. This year the gift for 2020 graduates participating at the research is a pencil case.

The auxiliary learning system of Nankai University is based on Second Classrooms (practical training besides lecturing in the classroom), striving for the synergy with the ordinary classroom lectures. On the basis of giving full play to the role of the student, the multi-department and multi-academic cooperation and resource sharing are being realized. All the students will then enjoy the targeted, individualized and all-round support during their careers in Nankai University.

Nankai University Library also prepared reading cards. The psychological team of Nankai University offered 101 carefully-selected books, movies and songs for 2020 graduates as a gift, hoping to make every graduate feel warm and to accompany everyone on the new journey of life.

The Graduation Gifts from the Schools: Individualization Style

In addition to the graduation presents prepared by the school, each college also prepared customized graduation gifts for their students.

The souvenir of the School of Literature is a cute teddy bear, printed with the words School of Literature 2020, and accompanied by the dean's letter, expressing the college's affirmation and blessings for the 2020 graduates.

The School of Law prepared college shirts and customized seals engraved with the graduates’ names for them.

The School of Economics prepared every graduate a commemorative seal. The seal is cylindrical above and rectangular below, echoing the motto of the school,“be round in disposition, square in action”, meaning to have a good disposition and an upright character.

The School of Finance offered all the graduates scrolls and crystal seals, so that students can further understand the spirit of Nankai, and strengthen the character of the public in the collective oath for professional ethics and integrity.

The College of Chemistry ordered special commemorative badges and postcards for every graduate. The badge took NKCC as the central symbol, which is the abbreviation of Nankai University School of Chemistry. The plant image in the badge is taken from the plant evergreen, which means the everlasting friendship. The back of the badge is engraved with the student ID and name. The theme of the postcard is Farewell to Nankai, with scenes of different buildings of the college in different seasons. It is divided into four parts of the four seasons, which means Nankai spirit and the character of chemistry will accompany the graduates during the rest of their lives.

The School of Materials Science and Engineering prepared souvenir bags, commemorative U disks, and graduation shirts for the graduates.

The College of Life Sciences prepared their graduates exclusive graduation seals, engraved with the graduate's name and student number.

Nankai shields you from the wind and the rain!” The Institute of Statistics gave the graduates customized umbrellas and Nankai bookmarks.

In addition, the other colleges have also prepared graduation gifts for their students. Studying in Nankai make us happy. A small graduation gift carries the memories of Nankai life and freezes those beautiful moments in Nankai University.

(Reported by Jici Nie, Translated by Yuhan Si,Edited by Davide Francolino and JianjingYun)