“Cloud” Nankai University Biology Summer Camp


Recently, Nankai University’s College of Life Sciences held the 2020 “Cloud” Nankai University Biology Summer Camp. 253 excellent students from 82 universities in China stood out from many applicants and obtained the qualification to participate in the camp. Xuetao Cao, President of the University and Dean of the Graduate School, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech at the biological station of the Balitai campus. People in charge of Nankai University’s Graduate School, Graduate Admissions Office, Teacher’s Congress, Department of Science and Technology, and College of Life Sciences and some teachers and students attended the ceremony on- and off-line. The opening ceremony was hosted by the person in charge of the College of Life Sciences.

On behalf of the university, Xuetao Cao extended a sincere welcome to all the campers and introduced Nankai’s centennial history and disciplinary development. He explained the connotation of Nankai’s characteristics, shared the outstanding contributions made by people of NKU’s College of Life Sciences in the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic, and encouraged everyone to take the summer camp as an opportunity to continuously strengthen learning and explore on the road of pursuing science.

People in charge of Nankai University’s Graduate School and Graduate Admissions Office introduced Nankai University’s history, cultural tradition, talent cultivation and financial support system. People in charge of the College of Life Sciences introduced the College’s current admission and presented the College’s subjects, majors, admission policy and the recommendation process in detail.

Since 2013, Nankai University’s Biology Summer Camp has been held for 8 consecutive years. The number of participants in this “cloud” summer camp reached the highest in all previous years. Through “cloud publicity”, “cloud communication” and “cloud assessment”, a bridge was flexibly established for campers in order to better understand Nankai. A total of 170 outstanding campers were selected.

(Reported by Jiao Liu, Translated by Yuchen Shi, Edited by Davide Francolino and JianjingYun,

Photography from https://sky.nankai.edu.cn/2020/0717/c7806a286552/page.htm)