Opening Ceremony of 2020 Nankai University Freshmen Successfully Held


The new semester is the start of the dream. On September 20, Nankai University held the grand opening ceremony of the 2020 freshmen. University leaders, including Yang Qingshan, Cao Xuetao, Xu Jingjun, Yang Kexin, Li Yidan, Li Jing, Wang Lei, Chen Jun, Wang Xinsheng and Wang Shu, the liaison officer of the party construction work group of Nankai University, who was assigned by the Ministry of education, attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Vice President Wang Xinsheng.


Due to the serious situation of COVID-19, this year, in addition to the Tianjiabing Concert Hall, more than 9000 teachers and students attended the opening ceremony in 102 sub-venues. At 9:00 a.m., the ceremony began with the music of the national anthem.

At the ceremony, President Cao Xuetao gave the first lecture to the new students with the topic Nankai 101: Starting from New. President Cao led all the new students to answer the three questions for patriots asked by former President Zhang Boling 85 years ago: Are you Chinese? Yes! Do you love China? Yes! Would you like China to be good? We would! May the motherland be prosperous and strong! These questions and answers that transcended time and space remained in the hearts of every students for a long time.

Time has changed rapidly, and the past has become a prologue.  I hope that all of you can put aside your former achievements and glories, and enjoy your brand-new university time, said Fan Jianping, a 1980 mathematics alumnus and president of the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences who went back to Nankai University and shared his experiences and insights with all the students. He said, I hope you can maintain a kind soul and a positive spirit, have a strong body, and realize your self-worth while contributing to the development of our motherland.

As a representative of students, Wang Tianhao, a 2018 master's student majored in optics from the College of Physical Sciences, shared his six years of university life with his younger students.  Studying at Nankai University is a beautiful thing, and the time in Nankai University is full of the unique colors of youth. Nankai University is the guide of my life. Fellow new students, I hope we will strive to be the doers of the great national rejuvenation, adding the red of the China flag to the purple of Nankai.

Yu Yun, the new student representative of the College of Philosophy, said every time I heard the three questions for patriots, I fell my heart full of excitement. I love my motherland, we are willing to become the students of Nankai University and take our efforts to help our motherland to become prosperous and strong. She said that she hoped they can keep the passion of thinking forever and realize the value of life.

By the white river where ships cross, great is our Nankai Spirit ...”Along with all the teachers and students singing the school song, the opening ceremony of 2020 students came to a successful end. On that day, many friends and relatives of the freshmen watched the ceremony through Nankai University official Weibo, Bilibili App, Tik Tok App, Kwai App, CCTV News Weibo, and Xuexiqiangguo platform to witness this important moment together with the freshmen. Many people commented and interacted with each other during the ceremony, expressing their excitement. The number of live broadcast viewers was nearly one million.

(Reported by Jingqiu Hao, Photographed by Qiqi Zong, Translated by Yuhan Xie, Edited by Davide Francolino and JianjingYun)